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As is the case for unfortunate injury victims, your entire life can change in the blink of an eye. Catastrophic injuries of all types can strike unannounced and unanticipated, wreaking havoc on your personal and professional life and costing thousands, even millions, to treat.

Jacksonville catastrophic personal injury attorneys at Farah & Farah have guided many people to successful claims after a serious injury. We’ve helped injured people and their families secure the financial settlement they needed to heal and move on. Contact us today at 904-263-4610 to discuss your claim.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Simply put, a catastrophic injury is an injury that has long-term consequences and/or requires significant medical treatment. The causes can vary from examples like a gunshot wound, car accident, medical malpractice, or head trauma. Common injuries include traumatic brain injury (TBI), neurological disorders, spinal cord injuries, bone fractures, or severe burns.

Though these types of injuries can be quite diverse, they have a common thread. Catastrophic injuries require extensive and expensive medical treatment involving diagnostic tests, hospitalization, and specialist intervention. Physical therapy, vocational rehabilitation, and psychiatric treatment may be required to make any type of a recovery, and many victims never recover at all. That’s why it’s so important to seek justice for catastrophic injury victims who may lose their quality of life in an instant due to the negligence or lack of concern of another party.

Who is Liable in a Serious Accident that Causes Catastrophic Injuries?

The responsible party in a catastrophic injury case is not always evident. For example, a collision with a truck might seem to involve only two parties, but manufacturers, trucking companies, and insurers could be responsible for the accident as well. In addition, such accidents usually generate paperwork; an extensive medical investigation and review of records must occur in order to establish the evidence a victim needs to claim compensation.

What Kind of Damages Can Be Awarded in A Catastrophic Injury Claim?

As the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, you may be able to pursue compensation for any of the following damages:

  • Current medical bills.
  • Future medical bills resulting from your injury. (This could include medical treatment for chronic conditions, such as pain; and future surgeries, such as skin grafts or plastic surgery.)
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation costs.
  • Permanent injury or disability.
  • Loss of a limb.
  • Home and vehicle modifications (such as wheelchair ramps and wheelchair lifts).
  • Past and future lost wages.
  • Loss of career or earning capacity.
  • Diminished earning capacity.
  • Mental anguish and emotional duress.
  • Damages for loss of enjoyment of life.

To find out exactly what kind of damages you can claim in your case, it’s important that you consult an experienced Jacksonville personal injury lawyer. A legal professional may be able to examine the specifics of your claim and point out potential damages you hadn’t thought of.

Comparative Negligence Rules in Florida

Florida is what’s known as a comparative negligence or comparative fault state. Comparative negligence is a legal concept in which more than one party can contribute to the cause of injury, and the degree of a party’s fault offsets what amount of compensation they’re entitled to. Take this situation as an example of comparative negligence:

Mr. Green is driving north on highway 61, while Mr. Brown is driving south down the same road. Mr. Green turns left off the highway in front of Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown’s car T-bones Mr. Green’s car. A jury or judge determines that because Mr. Green turned into Mr. Brown’s lane, he was 80 percent at fault for the accident. But, because Mr. Brown was speeding at the time of the accident, and it was dusk and he didn’t have his headlights turned on, he is found to be 20 percent at fault for the accident. If Mr. Brown is suing for $100,000, he would only be able to collect 80 percent of that amount: $80,000. Prior to Florida’s adoption of comparative fault in 1973, the fact that Mr. Brown had any degree of fault for the accident would’ve made him ineligible for any compensation. Comparative negligence is a more fair and equitable way of settling legal claims.

The complicated nature of a serious injury and the high personal stakes mean that it’s important for victims to arm themselves with a Jacksonville injury attorney who offers each client a commitment to justice.

Get Help from our Jacksonville Catastrophic Personal Injury Attorneys

Farah & Farah has been committed to helping Jacksonville accident victims since 1979. We’ve secured millions in successful verdicts and settlements for our clients. If you or a loved one are dealing with the fallout of serious injury, contact Farah & Farah. For more information and a free case consultation, call 904-263-4610.

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