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Latest News

Heparin Contamination Still A Mystery

Hundreds of people have had allergic reactions and so far 81are dead from contaminated batches of the blood thinner, heparin.

Heparin, made by Baxter International, has now been recalled from the U.S. market as well as Canada, Germany, France and Japan.

The FDA launched an investigation into the Chinese manufacturing plant where the raw material for heparin is made from pigs’ intestines obtained from unregulated local cottage industries. China is the largest supplier of raw heparin in the world.

The FDA found a contaminant in recalled vials, oversulphated condroitin sulphate, which is made from animal cartilage and is a cheaper alternative to raw heparin.

The contaminant may have been added intentionally at some point in the manufacturing process, according to the FDA which admits because of underfunding it had never inspected the Chinese facility.

Owned by Wisconsin-based Scientific Protein Laboratories, China is reportedly refusing to let the FDA inspect the plant.

Farah & Farah has been fielding calls from patients harmed by heparin and experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, difficulty breathing and nausea after heparin use.

If you or a loved one has been given the blood thinner and suffered an adverse reaction, contact our downtown Jacksonville law office.

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Farah & Farah in the News

Chuck and Eddie Farah Discuss Changes to Laws with First Coast News’ On Point

Jacksonville personal injury lawyers Chuck and Eddie Farah of the law firm Farah & Farah appeared on First Coast News’ On Point to discuss changes to laws in Florida that went into effect starting July 1. Chuck and Eddie appeared on the show to help the public stay informed about the changes that could very well influence their lives in relation to property insurance and medical malpractice. The attorneys addressed the new 36 month (3 year) deadline a person in Florida has to file a property insurance claim with their insurance company, which may create several challenges since it can take a long time to gather the appropriate and effective evidence. They also talked about the changes in the definition of “sink hole” and how that affects a person’s argument when seeking property damage compensation. Chuck and Eddie also discussed the new medical malpractice cap on damages for Medicaid patients in Florida, which they argue could result in a constitutional challenge since it gives people fewer rights than those who pay for private insurance.

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Farah & Farah Joins In Efforts to Buy Easter Clothes for Kids

The Florida accident attorneys of Farah & Farah joined the group Families of Slain Children in purchasing Easter clothes for children who have had a family member die because of a violent crime. Those in charge of organizing the event bought $6,000 worth of cloths for the children at Brothers 2000 in the Gateway Mall. Some children decided on dress suits and others picked out more casual Easter attire. Thirty children whose lives have been shaken by violence and loss were given the donated clothing in what was the third time organizers hosted a giveaway.

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Farah & Farah Sponsors Shopping Trip for Children of Murdered Parents

The Jacksonville Personal Injury Law Firm of Farah & Farah teamed up with victim advocacy groups to brighten up the lives of about thirty kids. The firm contributed to a shopping spree at Brothers 2000 at the Gateway Mall for Easter Sunday church clothes for the children. All of the kids have experienced the grief of having a parent be murdered. The law firm wanted to help the children by reminding them that they are not alone and that “there’s someone to rely on…somebody there thinking of them.”

– http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/local/article/201745/3/New-Law-Office-Sponsors-Special-Shopping-Trip-for-Kids-of-Murdered-Parents

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Farah & Farah Teams Up with Channel 4 for Military Hero Sweepstakes

Eddie Farah with Disney World Sweepstakes winner, Specialist Tynekia Woodward

Personal injury lawyers in Florida at Farah & Farah joined Channel 4 to honor military heroes on the 4th of July in a sweepstakes for Disney World. The contest was based on open submissions from nominations describing why a certain person serving in the military deserved a trip for four to Disney World that included tickets to the park and a two-night hotel visit. The submission required the service member’s picture, name, and up to 50 words about their accomplishments in addition to what makes them stand out from the crowd in their abilities and contributions. Ten finalists were chosen and Channel 4 viewers voted on the winner. The winning military hero was announced on July 4 during the WJXT’s Fireworks Spectacular.

Click here to read this report and learn more.

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Farah & Farah Combats Pedestrian Accidents with Donation to Southern Legal Counsel

The Jacksonville personal injury law firm of Farah & Farah donated $6,000 to the Southern Legal Counsel (SLC) to help in the statewide nonprofit law firm’s efforts to assist individuals with public interest issues who wouldn’t be able to have a way into the justice system otherwise. The funds will be used for SLC’s operation as well as to enhance the quality of education in Florida through advocacy. Eddie Farah stated, “The SLC is so important because it provides a voice to those who otherwise wouldn’t have one.” The donation comes at a time when Florida is recognized as the third most risky state for pedestrians in the United States. Transportation for America determined that from 2000 to 2009, 342 pedestrians were killed in accidents. In contributing money to SLC, Farah & Farah hopes that more people are able to get the legal help they need during a challenging time.

Click here to read more.

Related Article: City Notes – Financial News & Daily Record – The Farah & Farah law firm donated $6,000 to the Southern Legal Counsel. The funds will be used for operation of the SLC and to improve the adequacy of education in Florida through advocacy…read more

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Florida Personal Injury Law Firm Supports Accident Victims Who Can’t Afford Legal Help

Farah & Farah Florida personal injury lawyers donated $6,000 to the Southern Legal Counsel (SLC), which is a statewide nonprofit law firm that helps people with public interest problems who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have a voice through the justice system. Farah & Farah’s donation is going towards efforts to help make sure that individuals in need of legal counsel and representation receive it. In addition, the donation aids in the operation of SLC as it works to improve the scope of education in Florida through advocacy. Attorney Eddie Farah stated, “Farah & Farah is committed to helping ensure equal access to the justice system in all of the North Florida communities we serve.” In addition to its donation to SLC, Farah also supports many other organizations in the communities it serves, such as the “I’m a STAR” program, the Community Rehabilitation Center and Jacksonville Area Legal Aid. Upon reflection of Farah’s donation, SLC Executive Director Jodi Siegel said, “Farah & Farah’s support of the SLC is just one example of the firm’s pledge to make sure everyone gets the due process they are entitled to…This donation will go a long way in supporting our work to help those in need.”

Click here to read the full article.

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Study: Jacksonville third most dangerous city for pedestrians in America

The Florida Times Union
by Larry Hannan

In this article, Eddie Farah gives his input on pedestrian law in Florida:

Personal injury attorney Eddie Farah said his firm gets a new pedestrian-injury case about once a week, likely because drivers don’t pay attention to pedestrians that aren’t in crosswalks. They should.

“Under Florida law,” Farah said, “a driver is responsible to look out for pedestrians.”

Click here to read the full article.

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Farah Law Firm Expands

Jacksonville Business Journal
by Eric Cravey

The Law Offices of Farah & Farah have expanded to St. Augustine.

The new office, located at 93B Orange Street, recently was opened to accommodate its rapidly growing practice serving clients in St. Johns county.

"We are now among the largest law offices in North Florida," said Charlie Farah, co-owner of the firm.

The St. Augustine office will be headed up by Terrence Furman, who has more than 22 years experience specializing in insurance claims negotiations.

The firm has more than 60 employees and handles personal injury, wrongful death and worker’s compensation law.

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Local Attorneys Buy Easter Clothes For Children of Murdered Parents

Angela Williams

March 31, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Easter Sunday comes every year. This time around three-year-old Travis Boone Jr. will have a new suit to wear.

He’s not alone. His brother and sister will also get new Easter clothes thanks to a local attorney’s office. For three years Charlie Farah and his brother Eddie have bought easter presents for children of a murdered parent.

“Everybody thinks about the Easter holiday as kind of a rebirth, and we think the kids are important when you think about that. We need to get back to the community, and this is a way to do it,” says attorney Charlie Farah of Farah & Farah Law Firm.

When the children’s grandmother, Elizabeth Toole, found out what they were going to do for her son’s children, she was touched.

“Just to know that they’re happy. That’s what I work for every morning, all day to make sure they’re happy and safe,” says Toole.

Jeremy Travis Boone Sr. was brutally murdered back in September of 2007. Since then, Toole adopted the three children and looks after her other 16-year-old son.

“He was a good father, he was a good son, he was a good friend,” says Toole.

Each year more children are added to the list for victims of slain families. As long as there are names, Farah says they will do their part to give back.

“I don’t know if anything can bring a family back from experiencing that, but this is maybe some way of giving back to them to show them there are people that care, and hopefully there are better times ahead,” says Farah.

Farah & Farah continue to partner with the Children of Slain Families organization in order to make the Easter shopping spree possible.

This year they will be shopping for eight children.

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Brunswick Church Can’t Wait to Witness History

Ashley Coleman

January 18, 2009

BRUNSWICK, GA — 15-year-old Andrew Carnes will be getting a history lesson at our nation’s capital this week.

The Brunswick High School student will join millions of Americans for Tuesday’s inauguration when Barack Obama becomes our 44th president.

“You never would think you would see an African American president welcomed to the White House,” says Carnes. “It’s like Martin Luther King spoke and he left the door open for Barack Obama just to walk in.”

Carnes is one of 56 members of the First Jordan Grove Missionary Baptist Church traveling by bus to Washington D.C.

Dorothy Hill is another church member going on the trip. She grew up during the civil rights movement and only dreamed about a moment like this.

“I had hopes that one day someone would rise up and face the challenge and I’m excited that it’s Obama,” Hill told First Coast News.

Four teens from the church received scholarships for the trip from Jacksonville attorney Eddie Farah. They were chosen after writing essays about why the teens wanted to attend the inauguration.

The church leaves at midnight for the nation’s capital. They will return from their trip on Tuesday night.

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