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Jacksonville Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

Types of Motorcycle Accidents

An accident involving a motorcycle can happen at any time and for a number of reasons. Federal statistics find that 75% of the time another vehicle is involved. But whether there are two vehicles involved or just the motorcyclist, the biker is the party who is most vulnerable to injuries.

In a collision with a vehicle, federal statistics find 98% of the fatalities will occur to the motorcyclist.

Failure to Yield

When a motorist says he or she just didn’t see the biker before they hit him, it is possible they were not paying attention. There are many things a negligent or distracted motorist can do to cause the crash of a motorcycle. Besides simply not seeing the biker, they can accidentally collide with him, side swipe him and force him off the road and into oncoming traffic, cause him to spill his bike, or open a door in front of the biker causing a collision.

Rear-End Collisions

A motorist may rear-end a motorcycle, off-road vehicle, dirt bike, or scooter. The driver may claim they just made a mistake judging distance, but even a relatively small rear-end collision can push the biker into oncoming traffic.

Reckless Automobiles

When a car makes a sudden lane change or U-turn, they may not be looking out for motorcyclists. Often they are the first ones to try and blame the biker for the accident when it is not his fault.


In an effort to keep motorcycles or dirt bikes off their road, property owners may erect a structure, rope or chain across trails. If the motorcyclist doesn’t see the obstruction, he or she can suffer a massive injury to the head and chest from the impact with the obstruction.

Drunk Drivers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about one-third of motorcycle accidents involve a biker who has been drinking. An estimated 45 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involve some amount consumption on the part of the biker or the motorist. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes there has been an increase in alcohol consumption among bikers, especially among motorcyclists over the age of 40. Obviously it is much more treacherous to ride and control a motorcycle if any alcohol is involved, more so than an automobile.

A motorcycle accident can occur when no driver is at fault at all. NHTSA reports in 2005, 44% of accidents were from single-vehicle crashes. They can be attributed to the road and the conditions at the time.

Roadway Hazards

Motorcyclists need to slow down in a construction zone in case there is debris on the road. Roadwork construction crews may have left behind heavy machinery that is not well lit. Gravel, an uneven pavement or potholes may be present on the roadway. There may not be adequate cones on the ground or signage to circumvent you around the construction area. If a crash occurred at the area earlier and it is not cleaned up, there may be glass shards on the ground or part of a traffic light left on the ground that could cause a motorcycle crash.

Sometimes we find that there is overgrown vegetation that prevented the motorist from seeing the motorcyclist. It is up to that jurisdiction to ensure that the vegetation or trees do not block any vehicle approaching an intersection.

When riding in the rain, bikers will get better traction if they ride in the tracks of the motor vehicle. During the first few minutes of rainfall oil on the road makes them more hazardous. Potholes and manholes can throw a biker off his motorcycle and cause injuries.

In addition, the design of the road itself may not lend itself to safe travel. It may not be well lit, may not be well maintained, or banked improperly, making travel dangerous, especially at night or during a storm.

If any of these unacceptable conditions led to a collision, the hazardous roadway may present grounds for a lawsuit.

Defective Product

The motorcycle might have actually been defective in some way and that is what caused the crash. Whether it was a tire blowout, or a defective helmet, death can result when the machinery and protective gear does not work as it is designed to work.

Get Help from a Jacksonville Attorney Now!

Whether another driver was involved or not, if you are injured in a motorcycle accident, there may be circumstances that a Jacksonville motorcycle crash attorney can uncover and investigate to determine the at-fault party who is accountable for your losses and expenses. A consultation is always complimentary and comprehensive, so call (904) 263-4610 today.

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