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Metal on Metal Hip Implants

After a fall, a car accident, or another event that resulted in hip injury, your doctors may have tried to restore your mobility by putting in a metal on metal hip implant. “Metal on metal” hip implants get their name from the fact that both surfaces of the implant are made of metal.


These hip implants are preferred by some orthopedic specialists because they are less likely to wear out over time than implants made of other materials, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Unfortunately, metal on metal implants come with their own set of problems, some of which can cause serious health complications. If you’re struggling with problems caused by a metal on metal hip implant, such as hip implant failure, metal particles in the bloodstream, or other adverse hip replacement reactions, the defective medical device attorneys at Farah & Farah may be able to help.

Complications of Metal Hip Devices

Signs that something is wrong with a metal-on-metal hip implant include:

  • pain or swelling near the hip;
  • reduced ability to walk or to bear weight on the hip;
  • noises from the hip joint, which may be more noticeable during movement;
  • a mass in the hip that can be detected by touching or pressing the hip; or
  • joint dislocation or subluxation.

Metal on metal hip implants can cause problems in several ways. Because both surfaces of the implant are metal, friction between the surfaces as the joint moves may cause metal dust or ions to shed as the implant is used. Over time, the shedded dust or ions may build up in the tissues surrounding the joint, causing issues. Metal particles may also enter the bloodstream. Metal on metal hip implants may loosen with use, greatly increasing the risks of dislocation and other problems. The chance of a fall increases, as does the risk of infection and other permanent complications.

If your hip implant is causing serious medical problems, law gives you the right to seek compensation for a wide range of losses. This includes compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages caused by a hip implant that should have worked correctly the first time.

Seeking Compensation in For Metal on Metal Hip Implant Injuries

If you’re struggling with life after a metal on metal hip implant, walking may be difficult or impossible, and you may deal with constant pain, swelling, and other issues. Your hip implant, meant to fix your hip, may instead be causing a host of medical problems. It’s also possible that you’ve had corrective hip replacement surgery or may need to undergo this procedure. Anger and frustration may be daily emotions, and for good reason – the surgery was supposed to improve your life, not make it more difficult.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. At Farah & Farah, our metal hip implant failure attorneys are dedicated to helping each of our clients. We deal with insurance companies, implant manufacturers, and other parties so that you can focus on regaining your health and returning to the work, hobbies, and people you love. For a free and confidential consultation, contact our office today at 855-797-9899.

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