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If you or someone you love has been injured or suffered health problems because of an IVC filter, contact Farah & Farah as soon as possible. Our defective medical device lawyers can help you get the financial compensation needed for the medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other losses you’ve incurred.

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What is an IVC Filter?

An IVC filter is a device designed to stop blood clots from entering the lungs. The device is small, metal, and shaped like an umbrella without the fabric. It’s for patients who are at risk for pulmonary embolism and can’t take blood thinners. The IVC filter is inserted through a catheter in the neck (jugular vein) or the groin (femoral vein). The IVC filter catches blood clots and holds them in place until they dissipate over time. The device can be taken out at any time and is only really meant to be used on people with a high-risk of pulmonary embolism. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved the IVC filter in 2003.

Problems with IVC Filters

Starting in 2005, the FDA started getting hundreds of reports about IVC filters. Reported complications included punctured veins and organs, and broken filters, with some of the filters even moving to other parts of the body. By 2010 enough reports led the FDA to release a warning about IVC filters. The warning said that IVC filters should be removed as soon as a patient’s risk for blood clots settles down. After the FDA warning, lawsuits were filed nationwide claiming that IVC filters injured, and even killed, patients who received them.

The filters are manufactured by C.R. Bard and Cook Group, Inc. Three specific types of filters have been named in a majority of lawsuits:

  • The Bard Recovery filter
  • The Bard G2 filter
  • The Bard G2 Express filter

Injury claims have accused C.R. Bard of negligence, failure to warn, design defects, manufacturing defects, breach of implied warranty and misrepresentation.

Life Threatening Side Effect of IVC Filters

Even though the filters were designed to prevent life-threatening pulmonary embolism, they actually have life-threatening side effects. In the 2010 FDA warning, they listed over 900 cases of side effects from IVC filters. Problems with the filters included:

  • 70 IVC filters punctured an organ or blood vessel
  • 328 IVC filters moved out of place in the patient’s body
  • 56 IVC filters broke inside of patients
  • 146 IVC filters had parts detached and blocked blood vessels

Companies Put Profits Before Consumer Safety

Medical device companies are required to conduct extensive tests before releasing a new product for public use. Years can pass between when the product is first invented and when it’s considered safe to use on people. This is necessary because so many people depend on medical devices for their health and well-being.

It’s suspected that C.R. Bard knew the risks of their IVC filters, but didn’t make the information public for the sake of making a profit. In 2004, C.R. Bard hired consultant Dr. John Lehmann to prepare a report about IVC filters meant to provide legal advice to C.R. Bard about injury claims. Dr. Lehmann’s report confirmed that IVC filters had problems with fracturing and not staying in place. The company didn’t disclose this information to the FDA.

Most common IVC filter cases accuse manufacturers of:

  • Failure to warn about potential side effects
  • Making false claims about their products
  • Providing false or misleading information to gain FDA approval

Many lawsuits are still pending in federal and state courts. Anyone who’s been harmed or lost a loved one because of a medical device manufacturer’s reckless actions is legally entitled to hold them responsible for injuries and get financial compensation.

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