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Jacksonville Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

Prenup Agreement

In the state of Florida, prenuptial agreements are a way for soon-to-be couples to not only preserve any earlier personal interest they may have, but also plan for the future should the unthinkable arise. Newlyweds are able to move ahead in their marriage with confidence, knowing some of the trickier elements – financially, legally and emotionally – have been reviewed and partitioned out. That said, if you and your spouse are considering a pre-marital contract, the family law team at Farah & Farah highly recommend speaking with one of our attorneys before signing on the bottom line.

By their very nature, pre-nuptial agreements are complex. Legally, the contract must hold up to a number of stipulations and statutes in a Florida state court. Failing to account for the fine print or supply the correct documentation at the time of signing can come back to haunt a couple years later. Emotionally, prenuptials touch upon a number of hot button issues that many couples simply didn’t account for previously. In both cases, having a dedicated family attorney at your side to help guide the process from start to finish can make all the difference.

At Farah & Farah, we are fully prepared to help you and your spouse come up with a plan that works – both now and in the future. From your initial session to the final draft, our experienced attorneys will ensure that both you and your spouse receive the representation and counsel you require. Contact us today at (904) 263-4610 to schedule your free case consultation.

Should We Get A Prenuptial Agreement?

Deciding whether or not to enter into a prenuptial agreement is a very personal and sometimes difficult decision. It is entirely relative to the situation you share with your spouse and should not be taken lightly. One of the main items to consider – in the event of a divorce, the state of Florida considers housing, savings and wealth as “community” property within the relationship. Meaning both people will be entitled to an equitable share of whatever is accounted for and it will be divided at the judge’s discretion.

With that, some of the more common questions that come up – Is there a family business to consider? How will the house be split – what if we remodel? Is there a fair share of wealth at stake on either side? What about children or property from a previous marriage? These are all fair questions to weigh out as you explore your options with a premarital agreement.

What Do I Need For A Florida Prenuptial Agreement?

As mentioned previously, prenuptials can be intricate pieces of legalese. It is best to contact a Jacksonville family law attorney who has a history with such contracts before attempting to draft one on your own. Some of the main items and actions that an attorney will need to complete the process include:

  • Both individuals must give a full and honest disclosure of all their assets
  • Both parties must view the agreement as fair
  • The agreement cannot be against the law in any way or a violation of common decency
  • The agreement cannot be the result of coercion, bullying or fraud
  • Both individuals must be present to sign the agreement

Your Family, Your Law

In generations past, prenuptial agreements were generally viewed as a contract for wealthy individuals and those that wished to maintain a certain status. Today, with divorce rates at an all time high, many couples are looking to pre and post-marital agreements as a way to avoid a potentially bitter settlement in their later years. If you and your partner are considering such a route, consider the family law team at Farah & Farah for all of your legal needs. We will provide the counsel you’ll both need to start and finish a contract that fulfills your individual needs.

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