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10 Things to Keep in Mind During Your Florida Family Law Case

1. Keep a Journal

It is recommended that you maintain a basic journal of events during the pendency of your family law case. You can keep track of the days you have timesharing with your children and any major events that occur throughout the course of your case. You should start right away. It is easier to prepare for a hearing and remember an event that occured several weeks/months earlier if you write it down.

2. Start Gathering Your Financial Information

In family law cases both sides are required to make certain financial disclosures to the other side. Often, this includes bank records, tax returns, and other basic financial documents. The law requires a full disclosure and prohibits hiding any financial information from the opposing party. Your attorney will discuss with you the specific items you need to disclose and answer any questions you might have about the process.

3. Be Careful What You Say and Do

Family law cases are very personal and sometimes can become stressful. Be aware of any emails, text messages, or voice messages you leave because they can be saved and often times a judge will read them/hear them. These emails and messages can turn out to be damaging to your case. Also, be careful who you discuss your case with because that person might become a witness for the other side and have to testify what you told them about your case. If you have any doubt please consult your attorney before taking the action in question.

4. Don’t Sign Anything Simply for Convenience

Often times in family law cases parties will get to a point where they want to sign an agreement simply for convenience or to end the proceedings. This can lead to dire consequences down the line. It is recommended that you consult with your attorney before signing any agreements in your case. You should be aware of all the possible consequences of signing any agreement before you sign.

5. Think of Your Children

Make sure to keep your children in mind during the pendency of your family law case. Be aware of what you say and do in front of your children can have long-lasting effects on their well-being. You should especially make sure you do not speak badly about the other parent in front of the children. This can be damaging to your case and to your children’s well-being.

6. Try to Keep Things Cordial

You should make every attempt to keep the lines of communication open with the opposing party. You don’t have to be best friends during the pendency of your case but you should do your best to keep it civilized. Saying or doing nasty things to the opposing party will usually backfire in your case because the judge will usually find out about it.

7. Be Weary of Opinions from Friends and Family

A significant potion of the population has either gone through a family law case or knows someone that has. Friends and family will often times recount a family law case that they went through and give you opinions about your current case. Take these opinions with a grain of salt because every case is different. You should consult the advice and opinion from your attorney and beware of advice from friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

8. Don’t Be in the Dark About Your Case

Family law cases can be overwhelming and stressful so you should be armed with as much information as possible about your own case. You should consult your attorney and ask as many questions as you have so that you fully understand what is happening in your case and what your strategy is to try to get the best outcome.

9. Follow the Judge’s Orders

If there is an order in your case from the judge you need to follow it. Every family law case has a Standing Family Law Court Order from the beginning which outlines basic rules to follow throughout your case. If you violate a judge’s order you could possibly be held in contempt. If there is an issue or question that you have about a judge’s order make sure to consult your attorney about it.

10. Stay Calm and Remember to Breathe

Family law cases can be extremely stressful and trying for the parties involved. This can be a very difficult time for anyone going through it so do your best to stay calm. This is a good time to seek out trusted family members and friends to help you through this difficult period. Going through a family law case can be tough but keep in mind that it will eventually pass and you will get through it.

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