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Child Custody Archives | Farah & Farah

Seeking Full Custody in Florida

By armitchell on October 29, 2015

Determining Child Custody

Florida family law courts favor shared custody of children. If you wish to have sole or full custody of a child, you’ll need to fight for that option. You will have to prove that it’s in the best interest of your child to stay away from your ex. That may involve showing that your ex is unstable, dangerous, unreliable, or addicted to drugs. Then, you may have an opportunity to have full custody of your child.

During a custody case, the court will review parenting time and parental responsibility. Parenting time refers to the actual time you will have with your child. Parental responsibility refers to who is in charge of important decisions. It’s common for both parents to share parenting time during the week, but for one parent to have the final say regarding larger issues. These larger issues can include where the child goes to school, if the child attends church, and which doctor the child sees.

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Creating the Right Parenting Plan for Your Family

By armitchell on August 12, 2015

Family Parenting Plans

Divorced parents in Florida are required to create a parenting plan. This arrangement spells out the tasks and responsibilities of each parent. Instead of custody and visitation agreements, parents in Florida have parenting plans and time-sharing agreements. Family law judges often require parents to draft their own plans through mediation, but some parents are unable to come to a friendly agreement. In such cases, the matter will go before a judge.

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How Child Support is Calculated in Florida

By armitchell on April 27, 2015

Florida Child Custody

Child support refers to court-ordered payments that are made primarily from a noncustodial parent to a custodial parent. Child support should cover necessities such as food and clothing, but it can also apply to a broad range of expenses, such as school fees, medical bills, extracurricular activities, and entertainment. How much support the court orders depends on a number of factors. Having a basic understanding of the fundamentals regarding child support payments in Florida can help you calculate how much support you may be able to receive.

Child support payments in Florida can be made twice per month, every two weeks or every week. The exact amount paid will depend on the income of both parents, the number of children involved and how the custody is divided between the parents. Typically, the court will review the combined income of the parents and the number of children involved to determine how much should be paid. An experienced family law attorney at Farah & Farah can review your finances and help you calculate how much you may have to pay or how much you could receive.

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How Do Florida Judges Determine Sole Child Custody?

By armitchell on April 7, 2014

Determining Child CustodyIn Florida, the law generally recognizes that children will benefit from contact with both parents after a divorce and judges will generally approve a parenting plan in which both parents are responsible for making decisions concerning the child’s education, physical needs, healthcare and emotional well-being.

However, in certain instances, it may not be in a child’s best interests to have both parents involved in his or her life after a divorce. A judge may consider if there has been a history of domestic violence within the family, for instance, and award sole parental responsibility to one parent because awarding joint responsibility would not be in the best interest of the child.

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South Florida Task Force Educates Fathers on Custody Rights

By armitchell on August 5, 2013

Gainesville Child CustodyThe family law attorneys at Farah & Farah in Gainesville recently found an interesting article in the Miami Herald that covered a meeting of the Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida – a group that focuses on advocating for fathers who feel they have been left out in custody battles.

The founder of the group said that the aim of the Task Force is not only to break the stereotypes associated with negligent fathers, but also to educate fathers on how to approach the judicial system, which he said is often perceived as “antagonistic” toward them. He stated that many fathers simply give up the battle because they feel the system is stacked against them.

The meeting, which was held at the United Way in downtown Miami, featured talks by family law attorneys and also included input from fathers who have gone through custody fights as well as those who are thinking of pursuing custody rights.

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Woman Files Suit Against Ex-Husband, Broward Detective

By armitchell on July 5, 2013

A woman has filed a lawsuit against a Broward Sheriff’s detective and her ex-husband, contending that she was wrongfully arrested in a June 2009 traffic stop and that her ex-husband allegedly lied to authorities to gain an upper hand in a child custody battle.

The woman had been pulled over by the detective for driving with an expired license tag. The detective said that he noticed the woman had 14 pill vials in her purse as she looked for her driver’s license. In the arrest report, the detective claimed that two of the vials had the labels ripped off of them.

One of the vials contained Ibuprofen, while the second vial contained three different pills, according the detective’s report. The woman claimed that the pills were for her son and also claimed that her ex-husband had given them to her with the labels already ripped off.

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